Battery Equipment Solution

Baesol Inc. is a company that achieves the best results based on an innovative
corporate culture.


Mechanical Notching

• Notching & Compensation
• Very Low Vibration Notching Unit
• Non Slip Roll Feeding
• Precise Electrode Notching Quality
• Notching Mold Punching Regrinding Cycle : More than 1million

Laser Notching

• Manual or Automatic loading system
• Auto splicing system
• Laser tab cutting
• Vision inspection for electrode dimension,
surface defect, exceed coating line inspection

Lamination & Staking

• High Quality Lamination
• Temperature Management Display
• Load cell pressure management

Innovation area

2차전지, 배터리 재활용, 디스플레이 분야의
전문업체인 바에솔을 소개합니다.


전극을 피딩하여 Double Cutting 방식으로
500CPM에 도달 할 수 있는 장비

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Z Folding

Sacking 속도 0.25Sec가 가능하도록 Roll To Cut 방식에
Mono cell을 이송하여 빠른 속도로 적측하는 장비

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